informative site about digital artist MaXsiM who is creating weird and amazing 3D / 3Dx art for you.


Under the label MXM i create virtual art that has been and is being viewed by thousands of people. I release my works on dedicated personal websites and my social media profiles.

All my projects are non-commercial and free.

The three main skills that i constantly need to refine are:

  • 3D-Modelling
  • Graphic Design
  • Web-Development

I've started this site to give fans of my work an overview how they could support me, financially but also socially. Don't forget: Behind every salty pic is a person who created it ;)


Please consider to make a donation. It's appreciated and will help a lot. Thank you.

Donations go directly back into my production chain to buy high-quality content, server power and pizza.

Any amount is welcome but i recommend at least 10 Euro/Dollar to keep commissions and my profit nicely balanced.

But again, it's up to you. I really appreciate your support!

More to come

I'm working out some ideas regarding the content on this website. Cool downloads of 3D objects, tools that i use often, maybe tutorials.

This is about to happen. But until it happens, just visit my websites that are already well-filled with interesting stuff. Be aware that my projects are not meant to be for minors or over-sensitive people.

Just start by following me on twitter:
MaXsiM on twitter

Social Media

Another way than to make a donation to support artists like me is to become active followers and "likers" on various social media platforms.

Likes, follows, favs, retweets, reposts are always welcome! Most of my creations are released under a creative commons license, so feel free to share it on your blog. But keep in mind: Salty Art!

Currently i'm present on: Twitter, Koinup, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr,, Google+ and of course on my blog

For everything else, please contact me: office (at) mxm-studios (dot) com